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Who Am I

Landscape Photography – Through my eyes

Who Am I? How did I get here? Both are good questions and both made me stop and think about my past a bit. A little nostalgia time I’ll call it. Where I am right now as a professional photographer is specializing in landscape photography and travel photography, The Lyons Eye is a collection of fine art photography of the places that have captured my attention and have driven me to share what I have experienced and seen. It’s been a metamorphosis spanning many years but my story is rather simple. I had been a photographer for well over 6 years starting very young just shooting my own creative works. I started working for a wedding videography company that shared office space with a wedding photography company. It didn’t take me long to shift over to assisting them with their work. Cutting my teeth with them shooting weddings found me shooting weddings and portraits for my own clients. I’m not sure how it came to be really but I had lost my way and ended up selling all of my camera gear to cover living expenses. It’s been many a year later when I rediscovered my love of photography through fine art photography, landscape photography and viewscapes, the things I used to shoot years ago when I first picked up a camera at a young age. The first of which I had seen while in Las Vegas.

What does Peter Lik have to do with my Landscape Photography?

Walking through the shopping centres of Las Vegas’s casinos, my girlfriend and I noticed that practically each mall had a gallery in it from a professional photographer by the name of Peter Lik. My girlfriend was in awe with the images that were available for sale much as many people are with his work. Immensely large fine art photography and intensely colourful landscape photography. The images poke emotion and demanded viewing time as there was so much within them to explore. I was just as moved as she was although there was something inside me that at the time even my girlfriend did not know. I knew that I was capable of creating these kinds of images as well. The drive that had laid dormant in me for so many years had started to flicker again. It was time to pick up a camera again and scratch that itch my childhood dream of becoming a professional photographer creating fine art photography would come true.

Passions Are Found Early On – Landscape Photography

I started early in my youth working at a one hour photo lab when I was 12. Giving me a job was a favour from one of my dads industry friends. Before long I was operating the machinery cranking out family pics of birthdays and vacations all before graduating from grade 8 and starting high school. By the time I gotten into high school and into a photography course I had spent more time in a darkroom than anyone else. I knew my way around and shortly after starting the school year, ended up as an instructor for the class.