A Different Kinda Tropical


When people talk about heading down south, most often the first place we think of is Mexico or Dominican Republic. Just recently I had the opportunity to visit Curaçao, just off the coast of Venzuela. It was the beginning of November when we went so it was just starting to get chilly back here at home, a little sun and sand was a perfect little break.

It’s a small island and even smaller city. Almost the size of a town really. Apparently one could drive from one end of the island to the other and back all in the same day. I mostly stuck around the hotel but I did head into town a couple times. I managed to capture some really great shots while I was there and tried a number of different styles and techniques.

I noticed one night when we were at a bar on the beach. It was the hotels bar. Very small more like a large tiki hut. It was fairly quiet at the resort aside from the small tradeshow that was going on there. We were hanging out with some of the other attendees till fairly late. I turned around and to my left immediately locked in on a shot that I had to get. I ran back, grabbed my camera and tripod and headed back. I took a number of shots but the winner was a 42 second exposure. It’s one of my favourites.

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