A Breath Of Fresh Air

Adrian Lyons Fine Art Photography

It’s fall here in the North and the weather is starting to teeter towards chilly. It also means it’s time for thanksgiving and time to gather with family.

The inlaws rented a small cottage a couple of hours outside the city and invited us to join them. Being North of the city in the fall means colour, lot’s of colour. The leaves changing colours draws many city dwellers out of the concrete jungle to reconnect with nature. Staying at a cottage or going for a hike and in my case, bringing along my camera.

While having a turkey dinner with the family sitting in front of a picture window, the sunset I had shot earlier had settled into a blended glow and the lake had calmed to an almost glass surface. I had to take a minute away from the table to grab this panorama and take a minute to absorb the scenery, breathe the crisp cool air and be thankful.



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