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The Hollow

Sometimes you don’t really have to travel too far from home to find an interesting subject with some wow factor to it.

I was driving home from the store recently. It was very very cold out and I noticed a beach area that caught my eye. I really wanted to run out there and see what I could get. The water was very rough, it was so cold there was steam coming from the surface of the water. The sky was ominous and the wind was blowing. Against better judgement I continued with the job I had started and decided to check the area out on another day.

Two days later and a shift of 30 degrees C in temperature I decided I had to go and see what I could find there. Because of the rapid shift in temperature to more normal levels, there was a dense fog that covered the entire area. It was wet, mildly raining and slippery as ever with all the ice that was left from all but two days prior.

This is my favourite of the bunch. I decided to try a technique that I first used in Curacao earlier this year. This shot is actuality six shots all merged together to create a wide and high resolution image. It’s something that I am looking forward to using more of in the future. The higher resolution allows me to provide the big shot. Prints that are 72 inches wide or even larger without loosing the details and sharpness that makes the shot pop.

I’ll definitely be using this technique in Thailand and possibly Australia too later this year!



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